Marc Piano

CD recordings

Organ and Carillon music played on the organ at Ålesund church in Norway

Music of Bach, Mozart, Mendelssohn, Reger, Nystedt.

The Organ in Ålesund church was built in 1945 by the Norwegian organ builder Jørgensen and restored and extended by Rieger Orgelbau in 2009. 

The main organ has 71 stops divided on 5 manuals and pedal. The choir organ has 22 stops divided on 2 manuals and pedal. The main organ, the choir organ and the carillon are playable from the same console placed on the balcony with the main organ.

Recorded in 2011.
Cover Photo: Bjørn Halvorsen.
Sound recording and editing: Øyvind Driveklepp, Audiodesign.
Cd press: Polyvox Norge. 

you can find some of the tracks on my organ youtube channel: